Clean-up Ushaka Beach, KwaZuluNatal

Be a part of a global clean-up crew to help save our shorelines and keep our oceans healthy, organised by Woolies and MySchool. Join the MySchool and Woolies coastal clean-up crew and help keep our oceans healthy. Every year hundreds of learners and parents take part in International Coastal Clean-up and National Recycling Day. Brought [...]

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Let’s do it WORLD Cleanup Day

On September 15, 2018, World Cleanup Day, people in 150 countries will stand up against the global trash problem and clean up waste, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen - with hundreds of millions of people taking positive action together on the very same day - engaging 5% of the [...]

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Clean-up and Recycle Week 2018

Approximately 75% of ocean litter is derived from land based waste. Without effective waste collection, an avalanche of debris enters the ocean. Even a packet that is carelessly thrown out of a car window thousands of kilometres inland, could eventually find its way to the ocean. We need to address the importance of an effective [...]

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Cleaning up Jozi – 1 plastic bottle at a time

More than 200 volunteers are expected to gather in central Johannesburg on Sunday 17 September to take part in the Joburg City Clean-Up, an initiative focused on cleaning up the City whilst raising awareness around the volume and impact of litter in the City, and educating the public on the social, environmental and economic benefits [...]

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