Recycling in Action

The PETCO awards were originally created to honour and celebrate the achievements of individuals, companies and organisations that have made extraordinary contributions to the recycling of post-consumer PET in South Africa.

Last year they introduced a special category of awards called the CEO awards. This is an award category specifically reserved by the PETCO CEO for individuals who have made a significant impact on waste management and minimisation in South Africa through their work.

This year the award was given in absentia because – in a strange and irritating twist of fate – this individual was off doing exactly the work that he was being recognised for.

The winner of the CEO special award for 2019 was our very own John Kieser, Environmental Manager for the coastal provinces. He
received his B Tech Degree in Conservation at the University of Pretoria.  His interest in marine debris pollution no doubt stemmed from his  research into the ecology and management of islands along the South African and Namibian coastline.

John has been the national coordinator for the International Coastal Clean-up since its inception in South Africa 20 years ago and has started various projects to address the issue of marine debris in his appointment with Plastics|SA.


Says Peter Ryan, Director of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology Centre of Excellence at the University of Cape Town:
“John is renowned for his irrepressible enthusiasm. He is always keen to help with any initiative to clean up the environment and is a great ambassador for the plastics industry in this time when single-use plastics are increasingly under scrutiny.”

John is a champion for recycling and waste management in South Africa. Through Plastics|SA, he assists many people around the country with generous donations of bags, gloves, and sun hats, amongst other things; whatever they need to ensure plastics and other waste materials stay out of the environment where they do not belong.

John truly embodies ‘Recycling in Action’, and PETCO is very grateful to him for his hard work.

Congratulations to John Kieser, Sustainability Manager at Plastics|SA and this years’ recipient of the PETCO 2019 CEO Award.

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