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The global Let’s do It! World movement has the ambitious goal of cleaning the planet from illegal trash and addresses waste management and awareness issues.

Initiated by Let’s do It!World, the World Cleanup Day begins on the 15th of September, 2018, at 10 o’clock in New Zealand. The worldwide wave of cleanup follows the Sun through 24 time zones and ends 36 hours later in Hawaii. Volunteers from more than 150 countries will join the World’s biggest positive civic collaboration in the fight against one of the most pressing environmental problems – waste.

“World Cleanup Day must become a wakeup call for the whole world,” stressed the leader of the World Cleanup Day 2018, Eva Truuverk.

“The fact that waste is one of the most burning problems in the world is not news to anyone. However, it’s easy to turn your back and say that it doesn’t affect me. In order to remove millions of tons of trash from nature it’s important to acknowledge that it can happen when 5% of the population of each country dedicates this one day to cleanup,” she added.

Due to the fact that most of the trash in the oceans comes from the mainland, it’s as much of a problem for the developed countries as it is for the developing countries.