Tucked away in the rural hills of Sabie, Contshe Cleaning and Housekeeping Services, has initiated a meaningful project called Akuhlalwa Nge Zandla (AKNZ).  Their concern about the environment sets a fine example for residents and learners who are steadily following in their footsteps and keeping litter where it belongs – on the way to a recycling facility.

This Project collects waste in the rural areas that are not serviced by the municipality.  They have tackled 5 of 16 illegal dumping sites, they keep the outdoor parks clean and separate recyclables at source.  Currently waste is collected weekly, by hand, from 700 houses in the informal settlement and streets are cleaned to maintain a clean environment and instill pride in the residents of the area.

Recyclable materials are stored at a residence as they don’t yet have a designated area for this and the waste is removed by hired transport and kept elsewhere until the Municipality collects it.

PlasticsSA and its partners proudly support this community with the bags used to collect the waste.

For more information, contact CONRIGHT NGOBE @takatsokg@gmail.com

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